Insulated Sectional Steel Door

ThermoMark™ Model 530 is the strongest and most thermally efficient door in the Wayne Dalton product lineup.  Premium 3" thick foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation provides one of the most thermally efficient doors in the industry.  It is designed to withstand tough weather conditions and is the preferred choice for large openings where thermal performance and durability are essential.

Wayne Dalton's ThermoMark™ insulated doors help to minimize energy costs and provide year-round comfort and security for your building.  Inside and outside skins are roll-formed and separated with a 1-3/4" true PVC thermal break to eliminate heat or cold transfer from front to back steel skins.  Hot-dipped galvanized steel and rugged construction will give years of solid performance from the most demanding conditions.

insulated sectional steel doors
Door Options

Lite Options:


Large lites (24" W x 13" H) available with insulated glass, tempered glass, or multi-wall polycarbonate glazing (brown, white or clear).  Black frame is standard.  Color matched frames are available.

Options & Accessories:


Chain hoist operation

Motor operation

Sensing edges

Photo eyes

Cable failure device

High cycle springs (25k, 50k, 100k)

Special track designs

High usage components

Patented advanced thermal performance clip-on jam seal

Static (Non-Impact) Wind Load designs are based on engineering analysis and although not certified by FBC, TDI, or Miami-Dade, the designs are compliant with the 2015 IBC

Highest Quality Standards

Max Width: 40' 2" / Max Height: 24' 1"

27-gauge exterior steel

Polyurethane insulation

3" section thickness

10,000 cycle standard spring

Continuous steel strips for hinge attachment

Patented dual barrier tongue-and-groove joint profile

PVC thermal break - prevents heat/cold transfer on end stiles

*R-value = 26 / U-value = .038

*Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section R-value and U-value for insulated doors.

Design Features

3" thick foamed-in-place polyurethane sections feature continuous steel strips for flexibility in hinge placement.

Bottom weatherseal with rigid PVC retainer and dual durometer PVC bulb seal locks out air and water leakage through the bottom section.  Optional outer EPDM bulb seal provides additional protection.

Patented dual barrier tongue-and-groove joint profile creates a virtually impenetrable path for air leakage in between sections.

Patented thermal performance jamb seal (optional) combines a longer flapper seal and bulb seal for superior perimeter protection.

PVC thermal break on end stiles limits the transfer of temperature.

IECC® Compliant

The ThermoMark™ 530 meets IECC® requirements for maximum U-factor of operable fenestrations (2015 Section C402.4) with a 3rd party certified tested value of less than 0.37.  ThermoMark™ 530 also meets the ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC® requirement for maximum air leakage for fenestration assemblies (2015 Section C402.5.2 Garage doors) with a 3rd party certified tested value of less than 0.40.


White Stucco

Almond Stucco

Taupe Stucco

Brown Stucco

Online color swatches are only digital reproductions of actual standards and will vary in appearance due to differences in monitor and video card output.  These digital representations should not be used to finalize color selection(s).  Please contact us for actual color samples to match with your facility.

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