FireStar® Fire Counter Shutter

The FireStar® Models 540 and 550 fire-rated counter shutters satisfy the demands of applications that require certified and labeled fire protection for your property, as well as a pleasing appearance.  Wayne Dalton's innovative and exclusive design provides lift-up operation that is extremely easy to test and does not require tools to reset the mechanism.  As an added bonus, the design offers very quiet and smooth functionality.

These shutters, which are for openings up to 112 square feet, are compact and pleasing in appearance while permitting frequent opening and closing with optimal fire protection.  The FireStar® counter shutter can be drop-tested easily and reset in a matter of seconds at any time; no tools or service technicians are required.  FireStar® Models 540 and 550 counter shutters have been tested and approved to meet the requirements of well known agencies, such as Underwriters Laboratories, and Factory Mutual, and conform to NFPA Standard 80.

rolling fire counter shutter

Options & Accessories:

Door Options

SmokeTite™ UL-Labeled smoke and draft control package

Single fusible link cable routing, available with left-hand or right-hand operation

FM label option to include hood with steel baffle

Fire-rated counter top

WayneGard release system

Horns and strobes

Smoke detectors

Vision: FireLites

Operation Options:

Manual lift up

Chain hoist with gear drive reduction

Wall crank box


Motor operation with electrical or pneumatic sensing edge

Highest Quality Standards

Max Width: 16'

Max Height: 9'

Max Steel Gauge = 20

Galvanized (Model 540) or stainless (Model 550) steel

Non-tension release

UL or FM Rated

Easily tested and reset

Conforms to NFPA Standard 80

*Maximum height and maximum width are independent of each other and may vary based on slat profile, material and gauge.

Slat Profiles:

No. 17

2-piece guide assembly

Sleek 2-piece guide assembly provides better aesthetic appeal and allows for easier installation.






RAL Powder Coat:

Wayne Dalton also offers approximately 200 powder coat options to complement the exterior colors of a building.

Online color swatches are only digital reproductions of actual standards and will vary in appearance due to differences in monitor and video card output.  These digital representations should not be used to finalize color selection(s).  Please reach out to us to discuss actual color samples to match your preferences.

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