Loading Dock Equipment

Overhead Door Company of Greater Philadelphia is a distributor for Blue Giant loading dock equipment. Blue Giant Equipment Corporation is the global leader in the manufacturing of dock equipment, ground level dock lifts, and dock safety products.

Blue Giant is recognized as the premier brand of loading dock equipment designed for maximum safety and productivity around the modern, fast-paced loading dock. Through the use of unique partnerships with companies such as Overhead Door of Greater Philadelphia, Blue Giant is able to deliver unmatched value, quality, and service.  They are able to do so through global supply, continuous improvement, and strategically located manufacturing/shipping points. You can rely on Blue Giant for an innovative, responsive, and refreshing way of doing business that elevates growth in the industry.

Blue Giant Dock Levelers
mechanical dock leveler
hydraulic dock leveler
air powered dock leveler
mechanical edge of dock leveler
hydraulic edge of dock leveler
xtra dock safety
vertical storing dock leveler
draft pads
Vehicle Restraints
hydraulic vehicle restraints
electric vehicle restraints
mechanical vehicle restraints
wheel chocks
Dock Seals & Shelters
loading dock seal
loading dock seal
loading dock seal
loading dock seal
loading dock seal
loading dock seal
Blue Giant Inflatable Dock Seals & Shelters In Action
loading dock shelter
loading dock shelter
loading dock shelter
loading dock shelter
loading dock shelter
rain shroud
Touch Controls
warehouse control stations
warehouse controls
warehouse control stations
Dock Canopies
All Metals USA Dock Canopies
warehouse dock canopies

Prefabricated or Custom Made, our Canopies have maximum curb appeal. We have set the standard for excellence in canopies. From engineering to manufacturing, shipping to installation, we assure you fast and professional service. All Metals USA Canopies are made in the USA using top quality steel and aluminum for maximum functionality and rugged good looks. Durable and affordable, our canopies feature quick turnaround time too, typically the fastest in the business! We will ship ready for your crew to install or install them for you. Get in contact with one of our trained professionals here at Overhead Door of Greater Philadelphia to go through a large selection of prefab models, or create a unique and custom design for your facility together!

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